Dear Friends,


welcome again to Magyarlukafa in 2010!.

We hope, that you will feel good in our village this year as well.


According to our experience, real estate lawyers do not always inform you accurately, because of they are not aware of the diversity of the unique local regulations.

Therefore we would like to call your attention to a few important information.


Every land and house owner shall register his/her property at Notarial District Office of Somogyhárságy (Somogyhárságy Körjegyzőség), because local taxation is based on that information.

The following taxes must be paid for land and house:

Building tax:

Apartments, holiday homes: 4oo, - HUF / m² / year

Non-residential buildings: 2oo, - HUF / m² / year

Land Tax : 10, - HUF / m² / year

It is important to note that a vacant plot of not more than 400 sqm is considered part of the building, therefore land tax shall not be paid for that area.


Tax is imposed by the workers of the Notarial District Office, and it shall be paid in two installments - before 15th March and 15th September. Check, bank transfer or payment at the Co-operative Savings Association (Takarékszövetkezet) cashier is available for making the tax payment duties. Please inform the Notarial District Office in advance about the chosen way of payment.


Guests, staying in rented rooms in the real properties shall pay tourist tax. The rate of the tourist tax is 200 HUF / overnight / person. Exceptions are:

  1. private persons below 18 years of age and above 70 years of age.

  2. private persons attended in health care or social establishment.

  3. The resort owner or tenant, or his/her relative, who is a student of medium or high education, employment relationship, other work oriented employment relationship, based on an act of an authority or court, within the frames of vocational training or retraining, organized special knowledge course, fulfilling service duties, or entrepreneurial activities within the area of competence of the Municipality (Section 685 (b) of the Civil Code).


The payment shall be collected from the guests by the owner, and it shall be paid to the bank account No. 50800032-19000118 at the Somogyhárságy Branch of the Szigetvári Co-operative Savings Association by money transfer or by payment done in the Branch office. A register of the customers must be kept in a specific preprinted form, called Guest Book (vendégkönyv), which can be obtained in printed paper shops and must be authenticated at the Notarial District Office before usage.

At the same time with the monthly tax payment, a monthly declaration of income for tax return must be submitted by 15th of the month following the month under review. The necessary declaration form (bevallásnyomtatvány) can be obtained in the Notarial District Office.


The garbage cans are emptied every second Wednesday, the costs are covered by the Municipality of Magyarluka. Only one standard garbage can per real property is emptied. In case more garbage is produced, it will be taken only if it is in a special bag, sold in the Village House (faluház). Construction debris and hazardous waste will not be carted away. Special containers are installed for batteries at the Village House.


The owner of the property is responsible for the cutting of ragweed and other weeds, which is checked by the district notary. In case the district notary notices that the real property is overgrown with ragweed or other allergen weeds, a so called "protective step for the sake of the public" is ordered, the costs of which shall be born by the owner, and it also shall be reported to the Plant Protection Administration, which may impose a fine. The legislation put great emphasis on the weed control, so please get rid of the weeds properly. To our knowledge ragweed itself, and ragweed control is not common in other countries, so in order to help the fight against the ragweed you can see a few pictures below of the ragweed and other characteristic allergen weeds, including their names.


Ragweed, White Goosefoot, Common Wormwood, Curled Dock, Sumpweed.


In our experience in order to receive pension you may need a certificate proving that you are alive. Such certificate is issued by the district notary. To issue such a certificate a document, which proves your identity (passport), and the form, which is sent to you by the retirement insurance company is necessary.

The address of the Notarial District Office: 7925 Somogyhárságy, Rákóczi u. 2; Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 8-12 hrs and 13-16 hrs, Friday 8-12 hrs.

According to the current Hungarian regulation the language of the documents we send you is Hungarian, but if you feel it necessary the documents can be translated into another languages, but in that case the costs of the translation shall be born by you.


We ask all residents, top avoid using noisy machines in the weekend days (Saturday and Sunday) in order to not to disturb those people, who work on weekdays. If the weather allows, please do the burning of the dry garden garbage on Mondays. Burning of plastic and other hazardous materials is strictly forbidden!


The grocery at Magyarlukafa is open between 11 and 12 on weekdays .



The 2010 Vendel's Day Festival in Magyarlukafa will be held on 24 October. We would be very pleased to meet you here on that remarkable day.


In any case we can be at your service please turn to us with confidence.


30 March 2010, Magyarlukafa




István Kékes Dr. Barbara Edit Hajdu

Mayor district notary